About Us

Helping providers of Primary and Acute healthcare improve efficiency and control infection

For over thirty years, Rocialle has supplied healthcare providers with sterile and non-sterile consumable items, vital to patient care. During that time Rocialle has become widely regarded by both clinical and commercial specialists as a reliable partner, sharing the objectives of improved patient experience, cost reduction and the focus of resources on patient care.

Panoramic view of Rocialle building

With wide ranges of single use surgical instruments and medical packs, packed and sterilised at its facilities in the UK, Rocialle is helping to control infection and drive down the cost of high quality medical products.

Rocialle's medical clean room

In Acute care, Rocialle serves almost every National Health Service Trust in the UK, and by closely matching products and services to health providers needs, gained a market leading position in the supply of Procedure Packs. Presenting surgical teams with all of the consumables required for a particular procedure in one sterile pack means that the risk of surgical site infection is reduced and that time previously spent picking and unwrapping can instead be spent caring.

In August 2019, Rocialle Healthcare Ltd (comprising Rocialle and Guardian) was purchased by a wholly owned subsidiary of Zhende Medical Co. Ltd and Multigate Medical Products Ltd.

Zhende, a market leading, Shanghai Exchange listed business, has over 25 years of experience in the design and manufacture of medical products. Employingaround 4,000 staff across four manufacturing facilities, Zhende specializes in wound management and supplies surgical and medical consumables to markets in 73 countries around the world.

Multigate Medical Products is a leading Australian manufacturer and supplier of procedure packs and medical consumables for the public and private hospital markets. Headquartered in Sydney, New South Wales, Multigate supplies in excess of 2,500 products and employs over 300 staff, many of whom have had successful nursing and wider healthcare related careers. Like Rocialle, Multigate has gained a market leading position in its home market, having been manufacturing and supplying procedure packs and medical consumables to Australian healthcare providers for over 30 years.