Procedure Packs

Rocialle Custom Procedure Packs

Standardise procedures and embed the prevention of HCAI in everyday practice

It is a legal requirement for healthcare providers to implement The Code of Practice for Prevention and Control of Healthcare Associated Infections (Health Act 2006.) This states that ‘effective prevention and control of HCAI has to be embedded into everyday practice and applied consistently to everyone’.

The adoption of procedure packs is a giant step towards the completion of this objective. A Rocialle pack provides the same items each time the procedure is performed and is packed in a way that facilitates the consistent laying out of these items.

Enable nurses to spend time caring instead of picking and unwrapping the items required for surgery

An extensive study† undertaken in Germany showed that the use of procedure packs reduced the resources required for the daily pre-selection of surgical products by in excess of 30%, the resources required for picking of items for individual surgical procedures by 57%, and operating room set-up times by more than 36%. These efficiency gains mean that more of the nurses’ time can be spent caring; improving both patient experience and staff morale.

Improve efficiency, reducing waiting times by increasing the number of procedures that can be completed each day

Studies have shown that the use of procedure packs dramatically reduces the amount of time taken to prepare for a procedure. A study conducted at a day surgery unit in the UK in 2005 found that the average time taken to pick and set-up for each procedure was reduced from twenty-two minutes to five minutes and four seconds when procedure packs were introduced. This increase in efficiency means that more procedures can be conducted and patient waiting limes reduced.

Reduce the costs of procurement and other administration

Because one procedure pack contains many different components, a tray is ordered from one supplier instead of numerous orders for components being made to several different suppliers. Similarly, stock keeping is greatly simplified.

Release funds currently tied up in stocks of components

Before the introduction of procedure packs, most hospitals will be storing a variety of sutures, drapes and numerous other items. The average theatre store room may contain around £50,000 worth of equipment at any time. The ‘just in time’ delivery of procedure packs allows for this stockholding to be depleted, releasing most of the value and freeing up the space for alternative uses.

Reduce waste

The study* conducted at the day surgery unit showed that the introduction of procedure packs reduced the amount of discarded packaging such that the number of clinical waste bags required was almost halved.

...and a team of Territory Managers and Clinical Nurse Advisors will help with identifying the optimum pack components and providing staff training.

A leading supplier of procedure packs for over twenty years, Rocialle has an experienced team of Territory Managers and Clinicians to help make the transition to procedure packs smooth and effective.

They will work with the hospital's clinical team to determine the correct items for inclusion in the packs, help with the introduction by providing training, and facilitate adoption through information days and the use of publicity materials such as posters and leaflets.

After the packs are introduced Rocialle will provide usage reports to help measure adoption levels and ensure savings are maximised. Pack contents will be reviewed regularly to ensure they continue to provide the optimum levels of effectiveness and efficiency.

Flexibility and responsiveness, from a UK manufacturer

Rocialle's procedure packs are manufactured at its site in South Wales. This site boasts one of the largest medical clean rooms in Europe, e-beam sterilisation and extensive stocks of components, enabling Rocialle to respond quickly to customers requirements.

Contact us to arrange a discussion of how Rocialle procedure packs can help you improve patient care and efficiency, and reduce costs.

* The Benefits of Using Customised Procedure Packs to Increase Day Surgery Unit Efficiency – A Time and Motion Study: Day Surgery Unit, Kingston Hospital NHS Trust, E Duffy and A Smith, United Kingdom (2005)

† Improvement of Operating Theatre Capacity by the Use of procedure packs, Klinik-Management-Consulting, Germany (2002)