Multi-Pack Wound Care Dressing Pack

Available through FP10, this sterile pack contains all of the items required to perform one of a wide range of procedures while following aseptic best practiceMar 9 2017 11:49AM

The Single-Use Sepsis Box: UK Sepsis Trust version

Jan 23 2017 12:59PM

The Single-Use Sepsis Box: 1000Lives version

This box enables Sepsis Six care where it is needed, when it is needed. It ensures that all of the required items are to hand and quickly located, and brings improved infection control to the Sepsis Six care bundle.Jan 23 2017 12:42PM

Single Use Podiatry Instruments

Rocialle's extended Podiatry range of procedure specific sets and individual instrumentsDec 4 2015 12:12PM

Cannulation and Blood Culture Packs on the All Wales Shared Services Framework

Feb 27 2015 12:39AM

Cannulation Packs Available from NHS Supply Chain

These packs contain all of the required items - including ChloraPrep - helping to ensure that each procedure is carried out correctly, to aseptic guidelinesFeb 26 2015 3:09PM

Rocialle Procedure Packs

The benefits of procedure packs, including greater efficiency and better infection control.Feb 6 2015 1:21PM

Introduction to Rocialle

A summary of Rocialle's product ranges and capabilitiesFeb 6 2015 1:19PM

Consumables - The Essentials

A range of the most popular supplementary itemsFeb 6 2015 1:16PM

Single Use Surgical Instruments - The Essentials

Supplied sterile and ready to use, the Rocialle range of instruments and instrument sets provides a safe and cost effective alternative to reusable instruments.Feb 6 2015 1:15PM

Peripheral Access and Blood Culture Procedure Packs

Rocialle Peripheral Access Packs present all of the componentsthat are required for a procedure, together in one sterile pack.Feb 6 2015 1:14PM

Medical Packs - The Essentials

Rocialle Medical Packs ensure a clinician has everything to hand for procedures including woundcare, catheterisation, IV access, examinations etc. They simplify administration and help control infection by promoting Asepsis.Feb 6 2015 1:13PM

Application For Employment

Please complete this application form and send it to our Mountain Ash facility.Mar 4 2014 9:42AM