Rocialle’s primary site in Mountain Ash, near Cardiff, is purpose built to enable Rocialle to provide a flexible, high quality and cost effective response to customers’ requirements. It boasts one of Europe's largest medical clean rooms and an electron beam irradiation steriliser.

Rocialle's medical clean room Rocialle's medical clean room Rocialle's medical clean room

Single use surgical instruments, dressing packs and procedure packs are prepared and packed in the clean room which is a positive pressure environment with air prevented from entering except through a HEPA filtration system. Strict processes and extensive training, together with monitoring by Rocialle’s own microbiology lab, ensures that the clean room maintains the standards that have enabled Rocialle to achieve ISO14644, Class 719.

Sealed in packaging while still in the clean room, items are then boxed before sterilisation by the e-beam, a method which has been proven over years to be effective, safe and lower cost than alternative methods. Finished goods are stored separately from raw materials, and despatched from Rocialle’s Distribution Centre in nearby Aberdare.

Rocialle's microbiology lab Electron beam irradiation steriliser