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Rocialle’s new Single-Use Sepsis Box is being trialled by Cwm Taf UHB

6th May 2016

Resulting from a joint project with Cwm Taf University Health Board and the Public Health Wales 1000 Lives Improvement Service, Rocialle’s new single-use Sepsis Box is aimed at improving the response to sepsis.

Early recognition and prompt action are vital to the successful treatment of sepsis. It is estimated that in the UK, each year, there are 150,000 cases, resulting in the deaths of around 44,000 people.

Sepsis occurs when the body’s systemic response to a microbial infection causes damage to its own tissues and organs. It can lead to shock, multiple organ failure and death. Sepsis is responsible for more deaths than those caused by bowel, breast and prostate cancer combined and the 2015 National Confidential Enquiry into Patient Outcome and Death (NCEPOD) found that only a third of patients with sepsis that they reviewed, had received good quality care.

Cwm Taf Critical Care Outreach Teams (CCOTs) have already been successful in improving the response sepsis and were selected by the Bevan Commission to be part of a trial of the single-use sepsis box.

Andrew Hermon, senior nurse in critical care said: “Currently, staff use ‘sepsis response bags’ which were introduced by Cwm Taf in 2011. They have considerable experience in using these bags and have been able to show improved outcomes associated with its use. However, these improvements have been highly dependent upon the presence of a member of the CCO team in order to initiate the use of the bag. This unfortunately has enormous potential to cause delay in treatment with subsequent poor outcomes.

“The introduction of a disposable sepsis box will improve the efficiency and effectiveness of identification of sepsis in clinical areas and has the potential to significantly reduce harm associated with this condition. The outreach team sees approximately 400 patients per year in Cwm Taf who are diagnosed with sepsis and require medical intervention. These patients need urgent treatment at the bedside to prevent further deterioration and admission to critical care.

“There is strong evidence to suggest that early recognition of the sepsis condition and simple, but prompt treatment can have a profound effect upon mortality and reduce the level of harm in sepsis survivors.”

The twelve month trial, being conducted at Prince Charles Hospital and Royal Glamorgan Hospital, commences in May and training with the single-use Sepsis Boxes is currently underway.

The aims of the trial are, firstly, to show an association between use of the ‘disposable sepsis box’ and a significant increase in compliance with delivery of the ‘sepsis 6’ care bundle within one hour of sepsis recognition, in all in-hospital clinical areas on both sites and secondly, to demonstrate that there is a significant increase in the percentage of ‘sepsis 6’ treatments that are initiated by ward nursing staff.

Rocialle’s single-use Sepsis Box contains, behind six numbered doors, the items required to perform the sepsis six care bundle. By doing so, it facilitates the administering of sepsis six care where it is needed and when it is needed. It ensures everything is to hand and quickly located and guides the clinician through the sepsis six pathway. When compared to the sepsis bags that have already contributed to improved treatment to sepsis, the single-use sepsis box has the additional benefits of easier stock management and much improved infection control.


Rocialle’s single-use Sepsis Box

Cwm Taf University Health Board

1000 Lives

The UK Sepsis Trust



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