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Rocialle Healthcare has Launched a PPE Website

14th December 2020

Rocialle Healthcare is one of the leading suppliers of Personal Protective Equipment to the NHS and has been thanked for its efforts during the Covid-19 pandemic, by the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, Matt Hancock. 

The company is now offering its single-use PPE more widely, to organisations and companies looking to protect caring and customer facing staff, and, by offering credit card transactions, directly to consumers. 

The range includes Face Coverings and Type IIR Masks, as well as Isolation Gowns and Scrub Tunics and Trousers, all of which are made in Rocialle Healthcare factories in the UK. Other masks, offering varying levels of protection, and thumb-loop gowns are supplied by Rocialle Healthcare's associated companies and trusted suppliers.


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